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What to Bring to Your Boudoir Shoot

18th May 2021

What props do you bring to a Boudoir photo shoot?

Props are a great way to give any boudoir shoot that extra dimension. However you do

not need a prop for every shot. One or two items is plenty. Mainly focus on your lingerie

pieces and keep these props in mind to add some variety. 

His Shirt

If you booked this shoot for a special someone, chances are he’s got a favourite sports team,

dress shirt, or uniform. You can’t go wrong with incorporating a piece of clothing that

has a significance to him...especially when he sees you in it!


Heels are a must! Really! Stillettos if possible. Heels bring a whole new dimension to every single session of boudoir photography. They accentuate your entire body, making your legs look longer, toning your calves, and giving your booty that extra boost. If you’re dressing to kill, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of heels. 


Jewellery can add so much to a photo. Statement pieces like chunky necklaces or earrings

draw the eyes straight in and make the image pop. Or a long string of pearls draped

over your back or breasts will draw emphasis on a part of your body that you want to highlight. 

Bridal Accessories

If you are a bride or a newlywed, you can bring items like your veil, garter, or wedding

shoes to incorporate in the shoot. This is a great way to put a sexy twist on a regular

event, and give your special someone a taste of what’s to come.

Personal Items

Bring an item that has a personal connection.

If you’re a musician, bring a musical instrument. If you play a sport, bring a jersey. 

The personal items are endless, but keep it simple and what holds the

most personal connection to you. 

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