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Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

2nd June 2021

Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of a Boudoir session can be scary. When talking to women about their sessions, I get asked all kinds of questions. So here is a list of the top 12 most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir session with me!

Do you Share My Images

Our number 1 priority Making sure our Clients are comfortable, especially with Boudoir! It can be a life changing experience, but that also makes it nerve wracking. Sometimes you are learning how to love your body, and you aren't quite ready to share your images with the world, or sometimes these photos are specifically for your partner, and not for others eyes. These are all reasons to not share your photos, and it depends on your personal preferences! If there are photos I would love to share, I will get your permission first, and only share what you are comfortable with.

Do I have to Wear Lingerie?

Definitely not! You don't have to specifically wear lingerie, it depends on what you want and your personality. There are a bunch of outfit ideas other than lacy underwear. White shirts, big floppy jumpers, your favorite robe, there are many other options, including white sheets!​

Do You Have Payment Plans

We offer a few payment plan options. There is a session retainer which covers hair and makeup, wardrobe advice, posing advice as well as the actual session time.  Let me know if this is something you would like me to set up for you.


Is Hair & Makeup Included?

Hair and makeup is included in all of our boudoir sessions. It's a big part of the entire experience, and we want you to feel pampered, and hair and makeup is part of that. Whatever the look your after is, full on glam, or a natural look, we will make that happen, and if you don't know what you want, we're there to give you advice on what will suit you. 

Do You Photoshop My Images?

I do edit your photos lightly in terms of light, exposure etc., but I do not edit anything out that is permanent unless you ask me to. Somethings are part of who you are! If there are parts of yourself you're learning to love, and aren't thrilled about, that's ok. We have the photographic skills needed to make you look your absolute best and bring out your shine.

Where Should I Buy Outfits?

There are many places to shop, both online and in person. From Bras'n'Things, Victoria's Secret, Honey Birdette, Forever21, in person or online. 

What props do you bring to a Boudoir photo shoot?

Props are a great way to give any boudoir shoot that extra dimension. However you do

not need a prop for every shot. One or two items is plenty. Mainly focus on your lingerie

pieces and keep these props in mind to add some variety. 

Will You Show Me How To Pose?

We will show you exactly how to pose - from where to place your hands to the angle of your head. You don't have to know anything about posing at all, and you certainly don't have to have had any experience ever!

How many outfits should I bring?

We ask that you bring between 6 - 8 outfits but we end up shooting around 4. I ask you to bring more as not everything shoots as well as it looks.

Do you offer digitals?

All of our packages include some sort of print product, and some of them also include digitals of your chosen images, & there is also an A La Carte list that you can choose from as well! On this list we have an option to add on digital images! 

What type of print products do you have?

We offer a variety of albums and luxury boxes with prints in them! Canvas Wall Art are some of my favorites. I absolutely love the feel of picking up a physical print, it’s so surreal to see yourself like that! ”20 glorious and glossy pages from the boudoir shoot that I flip through myself every chance I get. "It’s a daily reminder that my self-image has completely changed after having my boudoir shoot.” –Sharon, on her experience at her boudoir shoot!

Where Are You Located?

My luxury studio is in a stunning part of Melbourne just near Eltham. It's on 24 acres with magnificent views to the Kinglake Ranges. You will absolutely love it!

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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