How to Pose Like A Pro!

2nd June 2021

How To Pose Like A Pro

When it comes down to it, there are a few easy rules anyone can follow, to make their body type look its best. No matter what your body type is, try these tips to pose like a pro, next time a camera is pointed your way!

Picture a Clock
Think of your space as a clock. If the person holding the camera is at 12, you’re going to want to angle your hips so that they are at 5 past 7. Easy, right? But it makes all the difference.

Place Your Weight  

No matter what body shape you’re rocking, put your weight on your back leg is an easy way to master the camera angle. Bend your front knee, and push it over the front of the back one, for even more of a pop!

Place Your Arms
Wondering where your arms go? Try this tip: place your arm that’s closest to the camera on your hip, then go up 2 inches.

Position Your Face
A great smile is worth a million words, right? What most people don’t think of is how your face position can make or break that million. Move your face towards the camera, pull your chin forward like a turtle, and then down slightly.

Relax your Shoulders

Lastly, relax your shoulders down. Most of us women hold tension in our shoulders, and you can tell. So let those shoulders down.

So what are you waiting for? When you get your session booked, make sure you rock the S?#T out of it! Also make sure to check out my other tips on boudoir for your session.

Come celebrate & empower yourself with us & book your Boudoir shoot today! What are you waiting for? You deserve some pampering as much as anyone else!


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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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