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My Story So Far...

15th August 2021

My Story So Far..

Why I shoot Boudoir


It’s easy to know why, but it’s a lot harder to tell people why.


I’d endured over ten years in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship where my ex also abused my kids from my first marriage. Particularly the youngest, which only got worse when we had our own daughter. I tried to leave him then but I was crippled financially and emotionally, and it’s very easy for people to say, “you should have left him years ago”. They weren’t living it.

In hindsight of course I should have left him after two years but I didn’t have the mental strength until the abuse on my son became so great that it gave me the strength I needed to finally go. There is nothing so fierce as attacking one’s child to get a mother to rise up against her aggressor.


I’d always been a photographer since uni and darkroom days, and during the 4 and a half years it took for me to get a divorce, I went back to Uni to hone my digital skills and take my mind of what was happening to me personally. Even after my house was burnt to the ground, and I lost all my gear and every single thing I owned, and he got everything, I dug very deep and started again - going back to my first love of photography. It sounds like a fiction novel, but during this time my father died from cancer, and there were some serious issues with two of my kids. More than enough to make anyone give up and throw in the towel.


It wasn’t until a year ago that I was convinced to change genres from Weddings, Landscapes, & Travel to Boudoir. The reason for that was one day I was having a chat to a local female politician – I’m in local government as a two time Mayor and local Councillor. She was very upset and emotional, and after some prodding she let me in on the huge amount of abuse she was receiving from some male politicians. On a whim I said she needed a Boudoir Shoot to give her some self confidence & empowerment. To my huge surprise she agreed to the idea. At the end of her time spent with me her words were “I feel like a Rockstar!” And she sure looked like one. More importantly, it gave her the kick she needed, increased her self confidence dramatically and she's back doing what she does best!


It was the beginning of a change for me, and I’ve been intent on making a difference in women’s lives ever since in the one way I know I can, and that’s with my images and experiences I provide to women. Seeing their reactions (many in tears) from the initial phone chat to their makeup & hair transformation, ordering appointment and then finally picking up their wall art or albums makes my heart sing. It’s an experience that we’ve shared and something that in many cases is life changing.


Women need to celebrate their bodies as the amazing vehicles they are, including all the battle scars, physical and mental, as well as all the victories in giving birth, and other amazing feats that only women can manage.


Women need to celebrate their bodies, and who they truly are. And I take pride in being a small part of showing them who they really are.



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My other great love - horses!

One of my daughters is a full time eventer, as well as a new mum and lecturer, and she amazes me with her totally focussed  commitment & endless drive.


My reason for getting up every day 

My family - three girls and 2 boys with some of our fur babies.

Mini dachshunds Opal, Ugo and Strudel!

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My other great love - horses!

My youngest daughter, a friend and myself enjoying the bush near me, on our horses.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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