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5 Do's & Dont's for your Boudoir Session

7th May 2021

5 Do's & Don't's for your Boudoir Session

Would you like to try something fun and uplifting that you haven’t done before? A boudoir shoot provides a unique self-affirming experience that helps women embrace and accept who they are. After all, who wouldn’t want a day to get pampered and dress up in sexy lingerie?  

At the studio of Boudoir by Karen, you will spend a full day getting pampered and having fun. We offer a bunch of different sets, including our outdoor space that looks toward Kinglake. I want you feeling prepared and confident before your shoots, so let's take a look at a few do's and don'ts before your boudoir session. 


What should I do before a Boudoir shoot?

Are you anxious about your upcoming boudoir shoot? Follow some of these super simple preparation tips to help you feel more at ease:

  • Make smart wardrobe choices: Nowadays there are a plethora of lingerie do you know what to choose when you go shopping? Keep it simple. Solid colors not patterns...tight over flowy....thin heels or thick. Bodysuits are my number one go-to lingerie piece. They are very flattering on every body shape.  Avoid flowery lingerie pieces like babydolls and busy patterns like the plague. 

  • Waxing is great before a shoot, but it’s important that it’s done in proper timing. Before it starts to stubble and before when a rash breaks out the day after. 4-5 days before the shoot is the sweet spot. 

  • Pamper yourself with a day at the salon. Get your nails and brows done to look your absolute best for the shoot. 

  • If you’re well-rested and hydrated, your skin will glow in front of the camera. Take special care of yourself in the days leading up to the shoot. 

These basics will help you prepare for the big day! The only question left to consider is what props you can bring to add to your session!


What shouldn't I do before a Boudoir photo shoot?

Here are several things to avoid in the days and hours leading up to your shoot:

  • Sunbathing or spray tanning: You don’t want tan lines to show in pictures. Unfortunately, tan lines are not easily removable in post-processing so it’s best to avoid the sun all together leading up to the shoot. There is a fine line with spray tanning. Often spray tans leave clients looking orange. 

  • Eating a large meal: It’s hard to strike a pose when you’re bloated and uncomfortable. Eat a lighter meal before the shoot. Just make sure it is a balanced nutrient meal. No cereal ladies. Something with protein to keep you full until lunch time.  

  • A facial the day before. Stick to your usual face care regimen before your shoot so you don’t get unwanted redness or breakouts.

  • Partying into the night. Staying up late isn’t the way to go the night before your boudoir shoot. Get a good night’s sleep and instead consider celebrating after the shoot when your hair and makeup are already beautifully done up. 

  • Worry: Don’t worry about posing or how you’re going to move your body. We are here as professionals to guide you through the entire session. Instead, focus on having fun and celebrating yourself! 

Looking for a top-rated Melbourne Boudoir photographer?

Are you still wondering what the purpose of a boudoir session is? As women, we can get very caught up in finding excuses not to put ourselves in uncomfortable or intimidating situations. It’s human nature. Even though we probably want to, we think “oh I’m just not ready yet…” or “maybe when I lose more weight”. There is no time like the present!

We all have insecurities and the best way to overcome them is by seeing your gorgeous self through the lens. Boudoir is a self-love experience and it’s about accepting yourself for exactly who you are and revelling in it. It's empowering! Don’t keep hiding behind the insecurities and doubt. I promise you won’t regret this truly liberating experience!    

Here at Boudoir by Karen Photography, we are very body positive. Every body is beautiful, no matter what shape or size. We are here to help guide you every step of the way and make you feel comfortable and at ease. To find out more information on our sessions please check out our FAQ's page for more information or contact us today to set up your initial phone consult. We can’t wait to have you in our studio and admire what a babe you are! 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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